Welcome to RK Drums!  We're pleased you've stopped by for a visit!  RK is a manufacturer of premium roasting equipment for home and commercial use.

The cost of starting your new roasting hobby or business can be intimidating to say the least.  With the RK System you will get the exact same results as commercial roasters and in some cases better, for a mere fraction of the cost of commercial solutions that can cost thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

Convert a standard gas grill into a coffee roaster.   It's very easy and anyone can do it.  If you can pop popcorn, you can roast coffee or any other variety of nuts, cacao for chocolate making, granola, barley for beer and other roasted items! 

Never roasted before?  No worries, call us up and we'll walk you through it step-by-step while you roast.


Illustrated wiring guide now available


Trying to understand wiring up your roaster has never been easier.  See the illustrated guide here.

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Need a cheap volume upgrade?

Grab an EXPERIMENTAL drum for a quick boost in volume!

Need a cheap volume upgrade?

Is your coffee business busting at the seams?  Need to go bigger in a hurry?  Consider grabbing an EXPERIMENTAL drum at rock bottom pricing.   Prices are approx 50% off, but be sure to understand the terms.  These drums are EXPERIMENTAL.  Get one while they last, as they'll go fast.

Click here to see the selection


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Spanish Language Version, Rk Roasters now shipping to Spanish Speaking Countries

We speak your Language.

Some of you may have realized that we have experience growing and running coffee farms and export operations in Colombia.  As a result, we are going to leverage this experience, to bring economical and large volume coffee roasting to Spain and Latin America.  As time marches forward, the website will be translated into Spanish, of which you can simply switch to by clicking on the flag icons on the right side of the page.  It's really quite an endeavor with so much content on the site, so it will take some time.  Check back from time to time as this content expands.



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Community Blog and Website Upgrades

Go stand on your soapbox and yell all you want!

Community Blog and Website Upgrades

RK now has a community blog, in addition to some other website upgrades that hopefully will make finding information easier and more intuitively.  The community blog, is a place where YOU can share the wealth of knowlege that you have... 

With so many talented individuals in the community, it's a shame not to have a place where we can share and learn from each other.  Have a look at the new community blog area here:


 Feel free to post anything you like, subject to standard levels of courtesy and tact and such.  If you want to share your roast profile, pics of your new roaster, share a video, or your favorite roasting technique, or even promote your own coffee roasting operation.  Go show off a bit, and we can all learn from you in the process.

Registration is required to keep the spam bots at bay, but once registered, if you would like credit for your post, then fill out the Author profile with the red button and then post away.  With luck, this will be a new vibrant addition to the community.

Lastly, there are recommended reading articles for RK roasters, and new potential roasters at the bottom of each page.  Have fun!




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Health Department Certification, and Coffee Roasting as a Business.

Some goods on that age old question...

Health Department Certification, and Coffee Roasting as a Business.

Generally a week doesn't go by without us getting some questions related to getting registered or certified with the health department.  This an age old question, and while I don't have any direct, step by step answers, as it's complicated with every state and even every city possibly and likely having a different set of regulations and red tape. Knowing what every state/city requires is next to impossible.

Here a some questions I get from folks and general answers:


1.  Do people run businesses with RK Drums equipment?

The large majority in fact, do run businesses.  An estimated 70% are doing coffee roasting for business or for profit.  We've sold an estimated 5000 drums over the last several years, and many more since our founding in the year 2000 and the majority (60%-70%) that are very profitable.

2.  Can I, and should I register with the health department?

This is really a question that only you can answer, as it depends on your intentions on roasting for profit, the scale of your operation, and your comfort with regulation.  There are a large number of home roasters and micro roasters that choose not to undergo the health department process, especially in the beginning.  When you are just starting, and costs are high, and you're unsure of your success or failure, some people choose to fly low and just keep their roasting a hobby in the beginning.  Only roast for yourself, your friends and family...

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