Shane Lewis – Flowery Branch, GA (2004)

 Hello All,

I just wanted to take a moment and explain to you my experiences with the RK Drum.  I am currently using a Fiesta 36,000BTU setup.  I also have Ron’s Gear motor setup as well.  I must tell you that the combined setup does extremely well.  I have now probably roasted two 70 Kilo sacks of coffee through the RK Drum and I always get consistent reliable results.  The coffee always cups very nicely and my customers are pleased.  I am actually starting out as a roaster and found the entry level costs on roasters to be quite prohibitive.  I would recommend this solution to anyone.  Due to our increasing volume, I am thinking about building another setup.  The only drawbacks I can think of is that it is slightly cumbersome removing the pin from the drum door when it’s hot and you’re trying to cool the roast in a hurry.  However; it only takes a couple of roasts to get the hang of it and you can usually pull the roast, get the pin out and get it into the cooling tray within about 10 seconds.  As to construction, the drum is really a very fine piece of work.  Not a single complaint on its reliability or sturdiness or design.  It really should last a lifetime.  Highly recommended!

Shane Lewis

Old Spanish Main Coffee Company

Flowery Branch, GA