Assembly Guide

A. Choosing a Grill

Grill Requirements for RK Drums Understand that NOT ALL grills will work for your roasting application, so picking the correct grill is important.    One

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B. Rotisserie Selection

Rotisseries are included in the Everything Kit.  You will need to purchase either an RK Drums Rotisserie or find one at a hardware store, if

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C. Grill Setup

(Figure 4) Step 1.  Unbox and prepare your grill for your RK Roasting Setup. (Figure 5) Step 2.  It helps to have good stable ground

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D. Materials Setup

(Figure 6) (Figure 7) Step 3.  Get all of your supplies together so you will be able to build quickly and efficiently.  This should be

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G. Heat Protection Apparel

The “Ove Glove” is a kevlar/nomex glove that permits handling of the 400-600 degree drum. This is absolutely necessary and you should not skimp on

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