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Announcing the new Model T Cooler and 12LB Drum (14LB Max)

Get ready for big volume coffee roasting with RK’s new products…

RK Announces a new lineup of products!

We are pleased to announce the new RK “Model T” Cooler and the RK 12LB drum (14LB Max).

The 12LB RK Drum

After some research on larger drums, we have concluded that a drum of this size is about the largest, practical drum available.  After some trials, the new 12LB RK roasts evenly and does a great job at mixing, and most importantly fits in many off the shelf grills.  If you are using an 8LB RK, this new drum will most likely fit into your existing setup.  You only need an extra inch of clearance below the drum over the 8LB unit.  You can reasonably push 15LB into this drum which brings this drum to a whopping 45LB of coffee an hour.  That’s close to a third of a sack of coffee an hour.  Pretty impressive we think.  Additionally, we have incorporated a new motor at the same cost which delivers more torque than any motor before it. We think you will love it.  If you’re feeling pressure to keep up with the 8LB drum, then this will take you substantially to the next level.  As always the tradition of RK quality stands and while we build these so strong we know you won’t have any trouble, they still do carry our lifetime warranty.   See the 12Lb line of roasters.

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The Dangers of Aluminum Drums

How does the RK Drum compare to other drums on the internet?..


In recent years, there have come a number of other Aluminum, or mixed Aluminum and Stainless Steel drums onto the market. The reason these drums have arrived is because these drums are very inexpensive in terms of purchasing of the aluminum metal and very easy to work with from a labor standpoint.  These drums may appear to look nice, and carry a nice price by comparison to Stainless Steel drums.  Make no mistake however, these drums are very poor investments in the long term because they are very likely to fall apart within a short time, and have been shown to cause health issues in food grade machines.

Strength, Durability and Conduction.

While Aluminum does indeed enjoy better heat conductivity than Stainless Steel, which means the drum itself will heat up faster, it does not however have the strength of Stainless Steel.  As the Aluminum drum is heated above 400F, the metal begins to harden and age and become brittle, which weakens the metal and subjects it to cracking.  We believe this makes Aluminum unsuitable as a coffee roaster.  The weak structure of the Aluminum additionally will cause the drum to dent or crush.

Aluminum and Alzheimer’s and other Diseases in Food Grade products.

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Roaster Highlight

Las Vegas Coffee and Roasting Co…


Tomorrow is the big day! Grand opening at our 1st farmer’s market – final health inspection at 8:30 AM and we will be completely licensed through the city and state as roasters! Deb and I have been working around the clock getting everything ready, Thank you again for all of your help and advice along the way! We will be taking a bunch of pics tomorrow as we will be roasting on site, but am attaching a pic of the roasting setup for you to see. We will touch base with you after the next couple days of markets and let you know how it went. Still have another 30 lbs to roast…and about a million minor last minute things!  Thanks Again for helping us get here!

Just thought you would like to know we roasted our first 2 roasts at about 11pm PDT last night! I found a 14 gauge piece of stainless scrap

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The importance of a good thermometer.

But, my built-in thermometer is just so pretty!!!

Please do not underestimate the necessity of a good thermometer.  In so many cases that I have seen, even on $400-$700 grills, the thermometer is horribly inaccurate.  Maybe fine for chicken, but not fine for coffee roasting as we need good temperature control.  These thermometers cannot  even be depended upon to be accurately inaccurate.  On many cases I have seen, people will roast thinking that they are at, say, 500 degrees F only to finish their roast late, and realize that they were not hot enough. Except then on Roast #2, after bumping up the temp to say 525 to compensate,

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Improving Profitability in Coffee Roasting with a few key steps.

Sheet Metal Mods and Roast Levels…

While there are several obvious things that you can do to help your bottom line when you are roasting for your customers such as buying bags and labels at good prices, and of course buying coffee at a great price, there other things that you may not have considered.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the sheet metal mods.  These can dramatically reduce the consumption of propane or natural gas by anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3 by doing the mods.   Most grills have quite a bit of open space

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