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Custom Build: The Hobart HR7 Rotisserie for Cacao and maybe coffee?

A few months ago we had the great pleasure to build a custom Cacao roaster for Carol Morse of Acalli Chocolate out of a Hobart HR7 roaster.  This was a great build that included a laterally opening door for the drum since it would be mounted in the oven to the point that removal would be difficult.   

Some interesting points were that she requested a temperature probe and a sample port to sample the beans.  The sample port could be accessed externally without disturbing the roast, and the temperature could read directly from the bean mass.   

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Roaster Highlight – Warren Hebert



Shane here are some pictures of my setup. It’s the 8lb drum I used a Broil King Grill rated at 50,000 btu’s it runs at less than half throttle on the gas which keeps it at temp and on time. That is with no sheet metal mods of any kind. It runs flawlessly. The other picture is of my cooling setup which again works well.
Thanks you guys did an awesome job getting it to me and helping with my questions.

Warren Hebert

Roaster Highlight – Don Gilmer


I purchased one of RK Drums 2 pound “everything” kits and installed it in a 4 burner BBQ purchased for that purpose. Set up was a piece of cake. I had about 6 months experience using a modified air popper which had given me pretty good results, but inconsistent. It took about 7 pounds, roasted in 1/2 pound batches to get switched over to the new method. Shane provided excellent, easily followed instructions as well as great feedback during my break in period. I am now getting very consistent, predictable roasts, generally running up until the end of first crack. The drum roasts very evenly. I have had no tipping, scorching, or burning. The BBQ combined with Shane’s thermometer, allows me to easily control the temps within a 4 to 5 degree range.

I am looking forward to learning more and being able to dial in roast times/temps for specific bean origins. For now I am very pleased with my results and highly recommend RK Drums for anyone wanting to roast larger batches than is possible with a popper. The roasting process is fun and without the annoying whine of the popper motor I can easily hear the cracks.
Thanks Shane for such a great product and support.

Don G.

Tips to improve roast consistency and uniformity (revisited)

If you should experience lack of uniformity or mixed dark and light coffee upon finishing a roast, please apply the following tips in order.  It just happens that the most common culprit for uneven roasts is also the easiest to fix.  Work through these solutions step-by-step in order to fix this issue.  Almost every case of uneven roast has been solved with the below methods.

Please apply these points in order as the first suggestions will be the most likely and easiest solutions. 

  • Leveling the Drum: Keep in mind, that your drum must be level when roasting.  Use a level to see that the drum is completely level to the gravity.  This will prevent coffee from piling up more in one end than the other.  If this happens then you will get  a larger bean mass on one side vs. the other and that heavier side will roast slower than the lighter side.  This will cause unevenness.  Try this as a first approach. Please use an actual bubble level sitting directly on top of the drum.

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