How do I put this together?


After getting your order in, unbox everything and have a look at the assembly guide here.  Particularly in the case of the everything kit you will find that the kit contents exactly matches the contents of your kit, and you should be able to follow the assembly guide step-by-step.  If you didn’t buy the everything kit, your parts may more or less resemble what’s shown in the guide.  Please be careful in your construction.

Make sure that your drum is level to the ground at the end of the build.  Use a bubble level.

After you are finished with the build, the roaster should be heated and burned in for about 30-45 minutes to burn off any machining oils from the manufacturing process.  

Once the roaster cools after the first heating, go back and make your final readjustments and tighten everything down once more as the heat will loosen everything. After the second tightening you should be set for the long haul.