How much does this cost?


Costs are extemely economical depending upon what you already have.  In comparison to a commercial roaster costing $5,000-$30,000 you will get the largest batch volumes available in small batch roasting for a mere fraction of the cost, even if you purchase the full kits.

You can do an entire 2LB roaster for as little as about $250 if you already have a grill and rotisserie and some creativity.  


The easiest way is to use one of our kits.  We have three approaches to your project.

1.  A-la-carte – Assemble something with your own ingenuity and if you need parts, see here.

2.  DIY Kits – This is all the hard to make, or hard to find parts.  This is what most people consider the bare minimum.  Anything else you may need are common hardware store items and you can save a few bucks depending on your own build design, but you will likely spend the Everything Kit amounts on extra components elsewhere.   $353-$770 (6LB-45LB/hr)

3.  Everything Kits – This is everything you need except for the grill, right on your doorstep.  The one-stop-shop.  Everything provided will match the Assembly guide step-by-step.  $586-$934 (6LB-45LB/hr)

4.  Cooling – You will need some method to cool you coffee.  A cheap solution is to use a department store box fan, some screen and some wood.  This 15 minute setup can be put together for $30.  For a professional solution, see our Coolers lineup. ($30-$634)

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