Model T Cooler Pro, Vane Add-On, and Starter with Vanes Released

The RK “Model T Pro” Cooler, and Vane Add-on

We are happy to announce the release of the Starter vane add-on, the Model T Pro, and the Starter with Vanes.  After some necessary redesign work regarding the bearings and the temperatures that the bearings are exposed to, we finally have a smooth, solid and reliable release.  While I’m keenly aware that many of you would have this cooler motorized, the additional complication, wiring, and motors makes the modular concept of the cooler unfeasible, more expensive and more failure prone.  At RK, we always try to lean towards longevity in a simple, durable robust product that lends towards the RK tradition of quality and durability you expect. 

As a result of the fact that the bearing must be pressfit into the starter, all starter coolers shipped after May 15-2013 will include the bearing assembly pressfit and welded into the starter which will enable the addition of vanes at a later date by you.

While this was unforseebale initially, any starter coolers previously sold will not be compatible with the vane addon.  Please contact us for vane upgrades if you have a Pre-May 15, 2013 Starter cooler and wish to have the vanes installed and we will have a free return shipping option for you so that we can perform the upgrade.

The Pro Cooler and Starter with Vanes will come with everything already installed.  Click here to see the new cooler options.


Stirring Vanes shown in operation inside the Starter cooler.