New Heavy-Duty Carbon-Steel Rotisserie Bearings and Brackets now available.

Replace those cheap parts, or add extra support to the motor assembly

After some complaints related to the bearings on some store-bought rotisserie kits wearing out within a few months, or even slicing in half due to the friction and weight, we finally have an answer to that problem.  While that problem seems to be hit or miss, it seems it can happen even within the same brand or different brands from one year to the next.  One month the bearing is hard as nails, the next it slices through like butter.  We have custom machined a brand new bearing out of carbon-steel and made it last forever in traditional RK fashion.

Not only good for replacement however, you can also opt to take the load off of your motor by adding a bearing and bracket to the motor side of the rotisserie.  This is only all but necessary on the 12LB drum kits due to weight and friction, but can optionally be employed on smaller drums if you wish to reduce the side load on the motor shaft.

Get the bracket and bearing combo here to replace your own worn out set, or to add extra support to the motor side, or just opt for the bearing by itself here.

Note that this assembly works for the left or right side of the grill.  Or both!