New Heavy-Duty Rotisserie Kits Available

Deluxe and Basic models available…

Sick of the poor materials in the rotisserie kits tha you buy off the shelf?  Sick of bearings wearing grooves or cutting in half?  The reliability of the rotisserie kits have been sketchy now for many years.  Combined with the fact that the once previously issued 6RPM kit-included rotisserie motor could at least be used to turn the 4LB drum, now being replaced with an utterly useless 1.5RPM, now prompts us to one up these rotisserie manufacturers.

This kit has been designed specifically for the RK Drum.  Now with a Basic model that has one industrial grade carbon-steel bearing, brackets and collars that should endure all the weight and friction you can throw at it.

The deluxe model has 2 bearings and brackets that can be used to minimize the side loading on you motor, and is HIGHLY recommended for use on the 12LB drum, and can optionally be used on the 2/4/6/8 LB drums to help remove some of the side load on the motor, help to keep it cooler and giving it longer life.

From the carbon-steel bearing, collars to the brackets, and the Stainless steel rod, it’s all made in-house with the degree of quality you expect from RK.  Check them out here.

RK Heavy Duty Rotisserie Basic

RK Heavy Duty Rotisserie Deluxe