order creation email

Hi There!  You’re just plain awesome! 

With this email we know that you’re almost done!  You’re just one step away from the most economical and flexible roasting system known on planet earth or anywhere else in the universe.  (We’ve yet to be informed to the contrary…)  Unless you’re ordering parts, and then you know this already!

This email simply confirms your order is created in the system.  But…..we just need a little moolah, bucks, clams, cheddar, jack, dough, scratch, or folding stuff….. to get this show on the road.  Chances are that is already in the works.  If you did everything just right, you’ll get one more confirmation email if your internet shopping skills are up to snuff!  If you didn’t get the order confirmation email, check this link and let’s get things rolling! 

If things just aren’t happening, call us up.  470-798-9464, we’ll get it sorted in a jiffy!




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