12LB RK Drums Do-It-Yourself Kit (14LB Max)


The 12 lb RK DIY Kit is perfect for Coffee Enthusiasts that Enjoy Building Things and want to Roast at Home. The DIY Kit includes all the custom-made and difficult-to-find parts to build a roaster. You’ll need to make a trip to your local hardware store to get the remaining items to build your Roaster. Then, you’ll be able to make the freshest, best-tasting coffee you’ve ever tasted!

12LB RK Drum

The 12 lb RK Drum is made with the highest quality materials and construction and is made to last with a lifetime guarantee.

RK Motor


(1) – The 110V 26RPM Commercial Motor comes with a 1 yr warranty
(2) – Electrical switches are for turning on/off the rotation of the RK Drum
(3) – The RK Drum is designed to slide onto a rotisserie rod, which provides rotation for an even roast.
(4) – An Accurate Thermometer is very important when roasting coffee. Read more about why you need a separate thermometer
(5) – A heat source is required for your RK Everything Kit. Please visit the Grill Selection Grill to see grill requirements.
(6) – You will need some method to cool your beans. A common and inexpensive method is to simply place a screened container over a fan. You may select the 16″ cooling tray and install over a standard box fan, or choose one of the RK Model T Cooler solutions.
(7) – Sheet Metal Modifications are unnecessary for most roasters, but instructions are available for those that are interested in increasing the efficiency of the heat source of the grill.