Get ready for big volume coffee roasting with RK’s new products…

RK Announces a new lineup of products!

We are pleased to announce the new RK “Model T” Cooler and the RK 12LB drum (14LB Max).

The 12LB RK Drum

After some research on larger drums, we have concluded that a drum of this size is about the largest, practical drum available.  After some trials, the new 12LB RK roasts evenly and does a great job at mixing, and most importantly fits in many off the shelf grills.  If you are using an 8LB RK, this new drum will most likely fit into your existing setup.  You only need an extra inch of clearance below the drum over the 8LB unit.  You can reasonably push 15LB into this drum which brings this drum to a whopping 45LB of coffee an hour.  That’s close to a third of a sack of coffee an hour.  Pretty impressive we think.  Additionally, we have incorporated a new motor at the same cost which delivers more torque than any motor before it. We think you will love it.  If you’re feeling pressure to keep up with the 8LB drum, then this will take you substantially to the next level.  As always the tradition of RK quality stands and while we build these so strong we know you won’t have any trouble, they still do carry our lifetime warranty.   See the 12Lb line of roasters.

The RK “Model T” Cooler

If some of you recall a few years back, we had released an RK Cooler Basic and RK Deluxe.  These coolers were fairly complex and were not very cost effective to produce.  Additionally, there were a few minor design features that I didn’t feel completely pleased with.  Thus, we are pleased to announce the new Model T cooler.  This cooler is adaptable to your current place in business or current place in your roasting hobby.  Whether you are just starting out, or have gone full speed ahead into business, we have a cooler version for you.

New features and improvements.

This new cooler is modular.  However, I’ll explain that in one moment.  While the previous coolers had no flexibility, these coolers are completely flexible and can grow with you.  Some items that have been addressed are the wheels, and the hinges.  The hinge, while effective, was a bit weak if one were to twist the cooler.  This has been removed.  The wheels were plastic and not strong enough in our opinion.  These have been replaced with screw adjustable legs, so that the cooler will remain stable on uneven terrain.  The cooler has been increased in diameter, thereby increasing it’s cooling capacity.

Beyond this, price is now substantially more favorable.  Previously, the only cooler configuration was one that forced you more or less into the high-dollar unit, which shut out those of you just getting started.  This has been remedied by making the cooler modular (or assembled in modules).

This allows a new roaster, to start off with what we call the “Model T Starter“.  This is the top half of the cooler, that is essentially a hopper, or cooling tray.  You simply place it on top of your existing fan to cool your coffee.  The price point, is, well, we think unbelievable.  This allows almost everyone to get started with a professional cooling solution by only adding the fan of your choice.

At a later date, when your roasting graduates to the next stage, you can add on the “RK Model T Fan Unit“.  This converts your Starter cooler into the “Model T Advanced Cooler.”

This ability to upgrade, piece by piece when you are ready for it, makes the RK Model T a great solution for any Home or Commercial roaster.  Moreover, the total price point has been reduced to even less than the previous coolers that RK sold.  We believe that this is such a great cooling solution, it can be utilized by all roasters at any stage, and at a great price.  These coolers are ready for immediate order.

The Model T revealed:

Featuring our new, Patent Pending modular cooling system.  There are several solutions here to meet your needs, whether you are just starting out, or roasting thousands of pounds..

1.  “Model T” Cooler (Starter) – This is a basic cooler, perfect for getting started.  It is a food-grade stainless steel assembly, attractive, priced just right, and designed for up to 8LB.  Provide your own fan.

2.  “Model T” Cooler (Advanced) – The complete assembly, the Model T Starter + the Fan Unit all in one.  Designed for 8LB.

3.  Fan Unit – This is an add-on unit for the Model T Starter cooler, that upgrades the Starter to the Model T Advanced.  Designed for up to 8LB, for when you are ready for that professional look.