Is it Hard to Learn How to Roast?

Believe it or not, you can learn to roast excellent coffee in just a couple of hours. Roasting is a fun, easy-to-learn and rewarding hobby.

What Equipment Do I Need?

A coffee roaster, a heat source, a cooling method, some green coffee and a few accessories and you’ll be on your way to perfect artisan coffee.

Where Do I Get Green Coffee?

Green Coffee options are endless, but we’ve got a few suggestions to get you started.

How Do I Put Together a Roaster?

Putting together a roaster isn’t as hard as it seems. We probably detailed instructions and videos that turn building a roaster into a fun weekend activity.

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Is it Really That Much Better?

In short, yes! Coffee hits peak freshness 24-48 hours after the roast. Because most commercially available coffee is over 3 months old, most people have never tasted truly fresh coffee.

Is Selling Fresh Roasted Coffee
a Good Business?

Roasting has a way of developing from a hobby into a side hustle or full-time business. Starting a microroastery is both profitable and accessible to first-time entrepreneurs.
wooden spoons with different types of grains and seeds

Can I Roast Other Products in My RK Drum?

Absolutely! The most common products other than coffee are cacao and peanuts, but you can roast other nuts, corn, grains, seeds and even chili peppers in an RK Drum too. The list goes on!

How to Select a Grill

Not sure which grill to choose for your RK Drum? Well it’s not that complicated. In fact a common BBQ grill can be used as the heat source for your RK Drum roasting system.