Why Choose RK Drums?

Quality / Lifetime Guarantee

At RK Drums, we focus on constructing coffee-roasting drums of the highest quality.  The drums are made entirely out of solid, food-grade, stainless steel, and welded using TIG and Plasma processes at the machine shop.  These drums are very sturdy.  Compared to our competitors who use very thin brass or aluminum, these drums can literally take a beating.  While our competitors’ drums can be bent/depressed with as little as a thumb press, ours can be stood on, dropped, or even run over, with no damage.  We estimate around 700 pounds of pressure to crush these drums. 
This is why they will last you a lifetime with reasonable care. Many of our competitors have moved to aluminum construction in recent years because the price of aluminum is much cheaper than steel.  However, we have made the decision to stick with steel because we do not want to decrease the quality and expected lifetime of the drum.  Steel has a very high fatigue limit, which means that repetitive loads below the limit will not weaken the material.  Aluminum, on the other hand, has a fatigue limit very near zero, so aluminum will continually wear down and eventually reach a breaking point where the material will fail.

Customer Service / Roasting Training

Never roasted before?  No problem!  We’ll teach you how.  You’ll be an expert in about 5 roasts!  Our customer service is the best in the business.  We have a wealth of information available on our websites, including tutorials, assembly guides, video how-to’s and advice on how to do-it-yourself.  More importantly, for anyone who is interested, we are available via phone to train you through the roasting process.  We will not only the “how-to” of roasting coffee, but we will also explain the “why” regarding all of the steps of the roasting process.  You will definitely not find this type of roasting assistance anywhere else, and it is available to all our customers – simply call us and ask about our training programs!

Complete Roast Control

With the RK Drum, you will have complete control of your roaster temperature from start to finish, unlike any other electric or computerized home methods which control the roast for you.  Once you get the hang of how to roast, this control will allow you to specially develop roasting profiles that bring out the unique characteristics of the coffee beans that you purchase.

Start a Coffee Roasting Business

RK Drums is not only great for hobbyists that want to roast their own coffee beans at home, but is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to start a coffee-roasting business.  At less than $1000 for the 12lb Everything Kit, RK Drums provides an economical option to other commercial roasters than can cost anywhere from $8,000USD up to $30,000USD.  In addition, the RK Drum is not just economical, it also produces amazing coffee that is in no way inferior to that produced by commercial roasters.  In fact, coffee roasted in RK Drums has beat out many of commercial roaster in competitions because of the level of control in the heat and resulting roasting profile.