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Allen M

July 17,2004   Allen M

This is a copy of a email posted on Sweet Marias coffee list.

Ron and All,

I finished assembly of my RK drum roaster today and I burned it in and I’m ready for my first roast!  I used a 35k BTU Char-grill model from Home Depot and I’m using Ron’s gear drive motor which is sweet. The drum spins fast and smooth and should be quiet enough to hear first crack.  I located my thermometer about an inch too high but other than that, I think this is going to be a great little rig.  Tip:
If you choose

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TOM OWEN – Sweet Maria’s

  (This a review by Thomas Owen from Sweet Marias. I sent Tom 3 sample roasts, roasted in a gas grill, with the RK Roasting Drum. Below are Toms remarks.)

Hi Ron – thanks for sharing the coffee! In short, I am incredibly impressed. The roasts really appear to be professional drum roast quality without any sign of scorching or tipping, and on the City and Full City you really nailed the degree of roast on the head. The cup quality was excellent on these two. Again, I am impressed. This is better than a lot of small-batch roasters produce.

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Jim Easley


March 2004
This is an unsloicited E-Mail from Jim Easley on his RK Drum
Thanks Jim.
RK, I just did the first roast in the drum roaster. I used 2 pounds of Guatemala Huehuetenanga. An outstandingly even roast first time out.But there is a couple of hitches in my gameplan. Seems I didn’t account for being at 6,000 feet which speeds up the crack process, SSSOOOOO what I thought was the first crack was actually the second crack. I was all set to see a beautiful full city roast and boy was I surprised. Fortunately this particular Guat. holds up damn well when stressed to the max. It makes an interesting

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Bob Wuest

January 14, 2004

I received the drum and I am impressed the way you have made it.  People tease me that I over build when I make anything, but there is no substitute for strength and quality.  I can see how the drum will last forever, great work.   I haven’t roasted coffee in it yet, but I did the initial burn.  I have a small BBQ, but the heat quickly climbed to 500 degrees and then slowly up to the 600-degree range, way more then I had expected or need.  I am looking forward to roasting. Feel free to use my comment on your web site.

Bob Wuest #44

Chris Hartman

Is totally awesome!  I roasted 2 pounds of coffee this afternoon after receiving your drum.  The first 2 pounds turned out near perfect! You have definitely taken home roasting to a new level.  The quality of your drum was exceptional. I must say the quality was far above what I had expected.

I can now look forward to roasting at home. I had been dreading roasting, because I could only do 1/3 cup batches before with my air roaster. It took me about 8-10 batches to roast enough for the Mrs. and I for the week.

Chris Hartman