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Eric Evans

Subject:   The first roast I detailed with notes & times Name:   Eric Evans Date Posted:   Oct 7, 03 – 

Message:   I just did my first roast in which I kept detailed notes and times. Just wanted to share with the rest of the group.  

 I’m using 1 pound of “Brazil Cup of Excellence Boa Vista” from SM. 

 My setup…The grill is an old Coleman Powerhouse 40 (40,000 BTU). I drilled a 15/16″ hole in the dome and attached a very accurate thermometer from “New Braunfels Smoker Company.” It has a large 3″ dial and I can tell the temperature to the exact degree. Here’s further details at their website: I found it at Home Depot for $20 (not cheap but well worth it.) The probe points at an angle directly at the dead center of the drum. I replaced the lower briquette grill with a 10 X 13″ stainless steel cookie sheet and placed ceramic grids on top of it. I’m using a standard Charbroil Universal Rotisserie kit (6 RPM) but  Today’s weather was nice for roasting; 59 degrees and a light wind. My starting temperature was 480. After inserting the drum my temperature dropped to 400 and recovered to 480 after about 5:30 minutes.

First crack was at 11:28 at 490 degrees. I cut the gas


Adam Jahiel

  This is a email I received from Adam Jahiel:

 I’d like to thank Ron for producing his roasting drum.
After quite some time of struggling with my Alpenrost, or Alpenusuallyrost, or Alpensometimesrost and sometimes not rost, I can tell you that Ron’s RK DRUM drum is a GODSEND.  At our house, we go through so much coffee that the Fussyrost usually sits on the counter in the kitchen, taking up space for days, because we have to roast so often.

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Oaxaca Charlie

This is a write up by Oaxaca Charlie, A commerical roaster located in British Columbia Canada.  It was posted on Sweet Marias mail list on 9/5/03 

Sweet Marias click here

I got one of Ron Kyle’s roasting drums for gas grills. Just a little one, 8″ in diameter and 12″ long. All stainless steel-perforated with little holes, with solid end plates and big stirring vanes inside. I had him put the holes for a roticery connection in the endplates, in case I want to use it in a gas grill instead of just on the roller system I have in my brick oven.   First roast-I’d finished roasting my orders for the day, and the oven was down to  max. temp of 450 degrees, so I just put

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