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Why Choose RK Drums?

RK Drum Sizes

2LB Everything Kit

Want to get started roasting coffee? We recommend a 2LB Everything kit for hobbyist users that expect light personal use.

4LB Everything Kit

Once you experience the aroma and taste of fresh roasted coffee, you won’t be able to help but share with your friends and family. For shareable quantities, we recommend the 4LB Everything Kit.

6LB Everything Kit

Once you start roasting, this has a curious way of turning into a business. If you think that could end up being you, then opt for the larger 6LB Everything kit.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Our getting started guide is a flowchart that will walk you through the entire process from roasting to building your roaster. The guide specializes in answering questions and providing instructions at the exact phase where you find yourself.