Rotisseries are included in the Everything Kit.  You will need to purchase either an RK Drums Rotisserie or find one at a hardware store, if you are purchasing a drum individually or the DIY kit.  

Rotisseries must meet the following conditions:

  • The rotisserie must be 5/16″ square rod.  Not hexagonal, 3/8″ or split with a hinge.  The squareness of the rod is the interface that turns the drum.  
  • Recommended length is 40+ inches.
  • Do not use split and hinged type rotisserie rods.

An example rotisserie is shown in Figure 3.3 and is available at Lowe’s, Home Depot and many other major hardware stores.  

Whatever you find however, must be 5/16″ in diameter (square, not hexagonal) and we recommend 40″ or more in length.  Some rotisseries are 3/8″ diameter and these will not fit through the drum bore.


(Figure 3.3)