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(Figure 6)

(Figure 7)

Step 3.  Get all of your supplies together so you will be able to build quickly and efficiently.  This should be most of what you will need.

(Figure 8)

Step 4.  First we really need to check and make sure that your drum is going to have enough clearance above the diffusers and below the lid, if the drum scrapes against your grill when turning, you are going to have to make some significant mods to the grill to make it work, and you’re probably better off returning your grill and selecting another model.  I’ll illustrate this better in the next picture.  For now, insert your rod through the drum and just lay it in position on the grill.  Close the lid and turn the spit rod by hand and make sure the drum doesn’t rub anything (lid or diffusers) (Figure 8)

Also, when you have 4-5 pounds of green coffee in the drum, and the metal rod becomes more flexible due to the heat, the drum could sag nearly an 3/4 an inch and scrape the diffusers.  So just be aware that if you have 3/4″ or less clearance now, when you load it down and heat it up, it probably is going to rub.  This will be illustrated better in the next picture. (Figure9)

(Figure 9)

(Figure 10)