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(Figure 95)

Finally we want to install our thermometer.  We need the probe as close to the center of the chamber as possible.  Ideally we’d love to have this in the center of the bean mass, but currently this is not convenient, so we’ll get it as close as possible.  You can see my approximate location of the probe which should let it sit fairly close to the drum while in operation.

Drill an appropriate hole to fit, you may need to use a file to fine tune it.  Be careful to make sure it fits snug. (Figure 95)

(Figure 96)

This is the picture of the probe on the inside of the hood with the hood open.  It lies a couple of inches from the hood lip.(Figure 96)

(Figure 97)

And there ya have it.(Figure 97)

And some final tips if you’re ready to jump into roasting, otherwise lets move on to sheet metal customization.