rk drums latch installation

L.  Instructions For Quick-Latch Kit

(This is only for pre-2008 drum owners with the old pin & clip system, all new drums come with this latch already installed.  If you’re drum is newer than 2008, you don’t need this part.)

Kit consist of:

(2) Stainless steel blind rivets (pop-rivets)

(2) Stainless screws with nuts

(1) Stainless latch assembly


The latch can be mounted anywhere on the lid. We mounted the latch  1 ½” to the right of the door pin.  (You will just want to shift the latch to the right or left to where the holes match up.  Just try to keep it as close to the midpoint of the lid as possible. Hold the latch in position and close the latch over the lid to see that it will be snug.)

Place latch on drum and line up with holes in drum.  You may need to move the latch one way or the other to match holes.  Mark to holes with a felt tip marker.  Open the door and secure the latch with pop-rivets or machine screws.  Pop-rivets are used on all new drums.  However, the screws will work well if you do not have a rivet gun.

(Pop Rivet Assembly)


We recommend putting the nuts on the outside of the drum.  This allows you to peen or brad the screws.  ( See illustration)  Peening is denting or slightly smashing the nut so that it compresses it onto the screw.  This prevents the nuts from becoming loose during the heating and cooling of the drum.  Be sure to support the inside of the drum with a hammer or some other firm object as shown.  Your installation is complete.


(Screw Assembly)