Professional Coffee Roaster

Why Use RK Drums?

No other roasting equipment manufacturer has as much experience with helping microroasters get started. RK Drums sells high quality, indestructible steel drums that a professional microroaster needs, but at an accessible price. On top of the quality roasting drum, you’ll gain access to invaluable roasting instruction, coffee expertise and business know-how.

How Good Is The Finished Coffee Roast?

The roasting method that we teach at RK Drums is consistent and repeatable. Once you know how to roast with our method, you will get top quality roasts that taste delicious.

The Roasted Coffee Is Delicious & Fresh

I’ve had people do taste comparisons against some pretty high caliber companies, and my roasts have won out. If you want to roast excellent coffee without spending 10k to get in the door, an RK drum is the way to go.
Matt C.
Owner: Deacon Coffee Company

Choose The Roaster That Fits Your Goals

6LB RK Drums Everything Kit (7.5LB Max)

Interested in roasting coffee for friends and family or perhaps you’d like to start a side business roasting coffee on a budget? Then our 6LB RK Everything Kit is the one for you.

8LB RK Drums Everything Kit (10LB Max)

Want to start a small business roasting coffee? The 8LB RK Everything Kit allows you to produce up to 30lbs of roasted coffee an hour. Begin your new venture and start producing the freshest, best-tasting coffee. 

12LB RK Drums Everything Kit (14LB Max)

Fully committed to to starting a micro roasting business? Want to start roasting as much as possible?  The 12LB Everything Kit is capable of roasting up to 45 lbs of coffee an hour. Start roasting at a fraction of the cost of a commercial unit with the same or better roast quality.