Ready to order some equipment?  Depending on the path you’ve chosen, we’ve sorted things out to make it easy.  Choose your path to streamline the ordering process and filter out products you may not be interested in.  


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I just need to roast right now.

No nonsense. You need a roaster as quickly as possible, and lets keep the details to a minimum.

Everything you will need (except a grill) dropped on your doorstep. Quick and easy "Everything Kits" are what you're looking for.

The Handyman

You love a project.

You're handy around the hardware store, and you just need the hard to find, or hard to make parts to build your own roaster.

A "Do-it-Yourself Kit" is what you're looking for.

The Inventor

You're love engineering, and need all the details.

You want to build your own roaster your way.

You can use a few parts to get you started.  Grab a drum and some parts and go build something.