Never roasted before?  No problem!  We’ll teach you how!  You’ll be an expert in about 5 roasts!  After your purchase, for your first roast, we’ll walk you through the entire first roast so that you get the hang of it quick!  If you have any questions afterwards, we’ll be around to help you out there.  Your roasts should always be simply spectacular, the best coffee you have ever tasted, if for some reason it isn’t that way, then let’s talk about it and we’ll offer some suggestions to get people knocking down your door to get at your coffee!  For a good start read the guide below, or feel free to call or email.

Take a look at the video tutorials on the RK Roast process that should give you a great idea on how to roast providing as many visual cues as we can show you.  This will document the roast process from start to finish and will show you how we do it.