Want to Start a Side Hustle Roasting Coffee?

Roasting Coffee is a great way to bring in some extra income. It is very profitable, and you can make your side hustle as large or as small as you have time for.
It doesn’t require any prior experience to learn, and customers are generally easy to find. It makes a great first business or fast way to pay off debt.

Are businesses successful with RK?

For the most part, any coffee you produce with RK equipment will be second to none in your town. People generally will fall over themselves to get at your coffee. Freshness is key to blowing away the competition and getting repeat orders.

Roast for Profit

Choose Your Roaster

6LB RK Drums Everything Kit (7.5LB Max)

Interested in roasting coffee for friends and family or perhaps you’d like to start a side business roasting coffee on a budget? Then our 6LB RK Everything Kit is the one for you.

8LB RK Drums Everything Kit (10LB Max)

Want to start a small business roasting coffee? The 8LB RK Everything Kit allows you to produce up to 30lbs of roasted coffee an hour. Begin your new venture and start producing the freshest, best-tasting coffee. 

12LB RK Drums Everything Kit (14LB Max)

Fully committed to to starting a micro roasting business? Want to start roasting as much as possible?  The 12LB Everything Kit is capable of roasting up to 45 lbs of coffee an hour. Start roasting at a fraction of the cost of a commercial unit with the same or better roast quality.