Thank you for Ordering with RK Drums!


POST-Purchase STEPS and Info


Please reference the following information after your purchase.  It may be helpful to print this page, or you may access it again under [Support, Post-Purchase Steps].  Most ALL of your questions can be answered here for post-purchase.


 1. Orders/Shipping Times – Most orders are shipping currently within 4 business days.  There may be a delay of 2 or 3 days extra if we are awaiting metal or something other factor.  Although the website states expect 2 weeks, this would be a worse case scenario, with delays and shipping time to your door.


  • On DIY Kits, please expect 2 boxes total, one from the shop, and the other with the remaining components from our front office.

  • On Everything Kits, please expect 3 boxes total, two from the shop, and the other with the remaining components from our front office.

(These boxes may not arrive at the same time, do not be alarmed by this if you get one box and it doesn’t have all you expect, the other is most likely on its way to your door.)

You may track your order here, with your email address you used to place your order.


2. Cooling –  You will need to have some kind of cooling setup.  We recommend the Model T Starter for an inexpensive cooling tray where you supply your own fan to blow through the coffee cooler tray, then you can upgrade to the Model T Advanced cooler by adding on the Model T Fan Base at a later time when your budget permits.  Or, just purchase the Model T Advanced right away to complete a professional cooling setupOthers have come up with a number of different designs, you may see some examples here.  Any method you can think of to cool your coffee to ambient temperature within about 3-4 minutes maximum will do the job.  See some cooler examples in the gallery below.

Roaster & Coolers Photo Gallery

You may want to consider a standard boxed fan setup with a screened box on the top of the fan for cooling.  It is very inexpensive and yet effective.  You can see a quick one I rigged up in the roast videos section.


3. Grill Selection –  Please select your grill if you don’t have one.  If you do have one, make sure it fits the recommendations for the least amount of headache  You will need to follow the guide here:

Which Grill?


4. Order Tracking – You may track your order at the following link by entering your PayPal email address.

Order Tracking

Pending means your order is still waiting on shipment due to supply, metal, or fabrication timeframes.  Nearly everything (coolers require 2 weeks) ships within 4 business days in most cases.  In the case of the everything combo, please expect 3 boxes.      The DIY Combos will come in 2 boxes.  These shipments may not arrive at exactly the same time as all fabricated parts come from the machine shop.  All small parts (latches and spiders) ship USPS unless other arrangements are made.

5. Further Questions – I am always available for ANY question you may have.  I love talking to each and every one of you, and in fact do speak to most of you about one thing or another eventually, so don’t be shy or hesitate to say hello early on!  If you have anything you want to ask or chat about, I am available during between 8AM and 10PM eastern time in the US.  And, no, it’s isn’t a bother, I love coffee and roasting as much as you do, and will in fact greatly enjoy our chat!  I will provide roasting assistance or assembly assistance, or anything else I can to you free of charge over the phone.  I’ve heard just about every possible question by now, and can probably assist you with any doubts you may have.  We are a tight community and supporting each other is how it should be. Call Anytime  (470)798-9464.

6. Shipping Contents and Sample ProfilesAs of June 2011, we will no longer provide shipping documents in the boxes we ship you.   We were printing substantial amounts of paper and there is actually nothing printed that isn’t on the website, please keep your paypal email receipt, not that you will need it.  We’ve never had any trouble in all these years, but I’m always available should you need anything.

These documents are here for your downloading and printing if you wish (and we recommend it-click the link below).


Download Shipping Documents.



7. Supplies & Suggestions.


Here are my suggestions for your supplies.  I haven’t exhausted all possible options, so you might yet find a better deal.


Cooling Trays -do a google search for “Johnson-Rose 18″ Sieve” and you will find a 18″  Stainless sieve for $20 something  and this works great for smaller 4 and maybe 6LB loads on top of a box fan.

For Green Coffee, I use:

East of the Mississippi:

Royal Coffee  ( They have a number of  warehouses throughout the U.S. and will truck your coffee to your location at their trucking rates… talk to Aimee about shipping. (Probably $100-$150 a palate) no matter how much coffee you order…  tell them Shane at RK sent you…  They tend to take care of my RK people…  ask for Phil Miley, he knows me and will treats my RK people right, and they will send you 1/4lb samples free of charge.  As of March 2013, Phil Miley will be moving to other positions in the company, so ask for Joe Borg instead.


West of the Mississippi:

Contact Royal Coffee in Oakland, CA.  While royal coffee and royal coffee new york (see above) are not the same company, they do work hand in hand and do a great job.

What to buy:

Order 3 sacks of coffee if you can afford it… A good startup option could be, if you want some suggestions among others: (Colombian Huila, Guatemalan Volcanes, maybe Cerrado Brazilian) price depending of course…   Your coffees would be in this scenario:

Espresso Blend: 25% Colombian(fruity and florally), 25% Guatemalan (nutty, chocolatey), 50% Brazil Cerrado…. (Always go with 50% brazil to get that thick crema on top of the espresso)
Colombian – Great Breakfast Coffee
Guatemalan -Specialty chocolaty and nutty coffee
Brazil- Good heavy body and also great as a standalone….

So out of three sacks you get 4 coffees.  That’s a good startup approach in my opinion..

Royal has excellent customer service and pricing around $2.00-$3.00/lb for great quality (last I checked about March 2013) …   Don’t pay more than $3.00/lb for green if you’re starting up… skip on all the political type coffees (fair trade, rainforest, shade grown, bird friendly, organic…unless you know you have a customer base that wants that…or you have a strict mission statement that caters to that…).  It artificially inflates your cost , startup expenses, and most people at the end of the day want a good cheap coffee…..  and none of those “perks” actually improve the taste….in my opinion.  Maybe go with a couple of base coffees and then a Dry Processed Brazilian coffee….  That will give you an espresso Blend and a straight brazilian…. and then your other two.  The reason for this is that you will actually have a total of 4 coffees to offer even though you only have 3 varieties… We can talk more on this if you wish. They have been reasonable with good customer service, you can split cases of bags for a small surcharge and you can buy tin ties and a heat sealer for around $100.. Buy the bags with degassing valves for best results…..that way you can bag right after the roast and the bags won’t explode from the degassing CO2.  There might be better options, but they’ve been fair with me in the past.

Labels, I used In Portland.  Ask for Evie Sharpe.   They offer great prices and  labels of professional quality.  They did a great job.

We also offer logo and graphic design services.  Let us know if you would like some help with your logo or bag design.

Good Luck, and please do call if you have any thoughts to share about the site, or any other thing that I haven’t covered here. – Regards – Shane