There is an art associated with learning to roast coffee, cacao or any other product.  With coffee, we rely on certain techniques to reliably reproduce roast after roast.   At RK, we are a full service company, providing an experience second to none.  We will teach you how to roast while you roast over the phone, guiding you step by step and explaining the process if you’re unsure of what to do.  We guarantee a great roast.

1.  Please review the Recommended reading for new RK Owners to get started.  There are some important concepts that will serve you greatly, as well as discussions on hot topics.

2.  Begin with the roasting guide here to get a feel for the roast process.

3.  The roast videos will give a great visual presentation of the roast process, as well as instruction as time permits.

4.  If your roast is not coming out as you would expect, please review the Guide to Even Roasting.  

5.  The message boards are a great place to ask questions.

Give us a call for any reason, and we will be happy to discuss anything you wish, from roasting to green coffee suggestions.  (470)798-9464  Call Anytime.