Not Happy With Your Coffee Roasting Method?

You already know much better fresh roasted coffee tastes, and you can’t go back to store-bought brands. But, you’re frustrated with the experience of trying to use small appliances or stand over the stove. RK Drums offers quality drums that will help you produce more coffee while getting consistent roasts every time.

Can I Roast Enough To Share?

News has spread that you’re the coffee roasting expert among your friends and family, and you’re getting more and more requests for some fresh roasted coffee. Unfortunately, the popcorn popper or stovetop method just isn’t keeping up.
With an RK Drum, you can roast between 1 to 12 lbs of coffee at once, and get consistent results every time.

needed to roast larger batches

I have run the gamut when it comes to roasting coffee beans, from an air popcorn, to an 8 ounce roaster. Finally I decided I needed something to roast a larger batch.
Jonathan S.
Upgraded from Roasting with a Metal Bowl & Heat Gun

I'd Like More Consistent Results...

The popcorn popper and frying pan weren’t designed to roast coffee, so it’s no surprise they aren’t the best equipment for the job.
Reliable roasting equipment needs:
The RK Drums Everything Kit plus a Common Grill meets these requirements, and is a cost-effective solution.

is roasting with RK drums easier than ______?

Once you learn what to do, we think that you’ll find the RK Drums Roaster is super easy to use. The RK Drums Everything Kit comes with a motor that attaches to the rotisserie rod, and provides all of the rotation for even roasting of the coffee beans. All you have to do is load the beans, set the temperature, turn on the motor and unload the beans when they’re done.

ease of operation

Quality, Ease of operation, speed, consistent results, quality, cost, And most impressive ALL...Shane's consummate customer assistance, appreciation, knowledge and all around amazing guy!
Glenn S.
Owner of a Coffee Roasting Business

How Good Is The Finished Coffee Roast?

The roasting method that we teach at RK Drums is consistent and repeatable. Once you know how to roast with our method, you will get top quality roasts that taste delicious.

The Roasted Coffee Is Delicious & Fresh

"The drum is awesome, the roasted coffee is delicious, and I couldn't be happier. I recommend RK Drums if you love fresh coffee."
Amanda M.
Happy Customer

How Does The RK Drums Roaster Work?

Many people ask:

You will need an RK Drums Everything Kit, a grill and some  method of cooling the beans.

But I Need To Know The Temperature Of the Beans...

We teach a method of roasting coffee that involves learning the signs of the roast and targeting a specific finish time. It’s easy to learn, (we teach over-the-phone), and it produces the most reliable results you can get, even compared to large commercial roasting equipment.
No direct bean temperature measurements are needed – you only need to know the temperature inside the grill.

roasts are a LOT more consistent

It took a bit of time to get used to not seeing the roast but once I found the right temperature to get the roast time dialed in, I find that my roasts are a LOT more consistent.
Douglas F.
Upgraded from Roasting with a Small Air Roaster

Why Use RK Drums?

Sure, you could find a cheaper alternative. But, what you get with RK Drums is a lifetime warranty on an indestructible steel drum, a complete kit so you don’t have to figure out how to make it work and access to a roasting and coffee expert to help you get started.

What Our Customers Say

Great Customer Service, Quality Product

"Great customer service, quality product. I'm still new to roasting with this roaster, but there are videos on the website for me to learn from and a community of roasters to discuss with. I'm looking forward to using this roaster for many years."
Josh B.
New Coffee Roaster

Explore RK Drums Home Roasting Kits

2LB Everything Kit

Want to get started roasting coffee? We recommend a 2LB Everything kit for hobbyist users that expect light personal use.

4LB Everything Kit

Once you experience the aroma and taste of fresh roasted coffee, you won’t be able to help but share with your friends and family. For shareable quantities, we recommend the 4LB Everything Kit.

6LB Everything Kit

Once you start roasting, this has a curious way of turning into a business. If you think that could end up being you, then opt for the larger 6LB Everything kit.