Made to Last a Lifetime–  All RK Drums carry a Lifetime Warranty.  In over 3000 drums sold, less than 10 have ever had to come back for repair.  We fix it for free and shipped it back home.  Should yours ever develop a problem, we will repair it for you for free! (chain and pin not included)  You buy a drum once, you’ll never need another one.  Every drum is built and inspected for perfection by our craftsmen.  One of our customers has roasted 4,000 roasts, (16,000 pounds of coffee) on the 4Lb RK.




All 304 Stainless Steel Construction–  The entire drum is made of solid stainless steel, TIG and Plasma welded at our machine shop.  These drums are very sturdy.  Compared to competitors on the net and on who use very thin brass or aluminum, these drums can literally take a beating.  While our competitors drums can be bent/depressed with as little as a thumb press, ours can literally be stood on, dropped, etc with no damage.  We estimate around 700 pounds of pressure to crush these drums.  So this is why they will last you a lifetime with reasonable care.


Pays for Itself in just a few roasts–  The RK Drum is very cost effective.  A 4Lb Drum will pay for itself in as little as 13 roasts.  That’s only 4 hours of roasting on your new RK Drum.  The 6Lb and 8Lb drums have similar small return on investments.




Larger Volume–  The RK Drum, be it the 4, 6 or 8 Pound, has a much larger volume than any of your other home roast solutions.  The RK is also great to get your new commercial roasting operation off the ground.




Start a New Business (Low Cost)-  Many new RK Drum owners use these drums to start their own business.  In a tough economy, this is a great option.  The Drum produces coffee as good as the commercial Diedrich or Ambex, etc roasters at a mere fraction of the cost.  The average commercial 8Lb Roaster runs $8,000 USD.  Our 8Lb Everything Kit includes everything but the grill and can be had for around $800.  This is a much more economical option for most people.


If you roast yourself, we can count your labor as profit.  Therefore:

The 4Lb Drum can roast 96 pounds of coffee in an 8 hour day.

At an average of $5 profit per pound this is $480 profit a day.


The 6Lb Drum can roast 144 pounds of coffee in an 8 hour day.

At an average of $5 profit per pound this is $720 profit a day.


The 8Lb Drum can roast 192 pounds of coffee in an 8 hour day.

At an average of $5 profit per pound this is $960 profit a day.


Complete Roast Control –  With the RK you will have complete control of your burner temps allowing you to control your entire roast, start to finish, unlike other electric or computerized home methods which control the roast for you.




No Electronics–  With the RK, there are no electronics that can go bad.  Personally, I used to own a 1/2 pound electric home roaster.  This roaster was made of flimsy plastic and had very little control over the roast.  Heat is the #1 enemy of electronics, when anything goes bad, you will have to buy a new roaster.  This will be the least of your worries with the RK.




Roasting Assistance–  Never roasted before?  No problem!  We’ll teach you how!  You’ll be an expert in about 5 roasts!  After your purchase, for your first roast, we’ll walk you through the entire first roast so that you get the hang of it quick!  Also, there is a roasting tutorial located here with a detailed set of instructions on how to get started.




Buy From The Original–  Not to toot our own horn, but Ron Kyle developed the first production drum for home BBQ use on the market back in 2002.  We are the original BBQ roasting drum.  Although Ron has now passed, we still use his machine shop for construction ensuring that his reputation for quality lives on.  There are over 1000 drums out in the marketplace being used to roast for friends and family and for commercial coffee roasting.  We have many happy customers who all attest to the quality of the RK Drum.