Turn Your Grill Into a Coffee Roaster

Outstanding production volume

¼LB to 45LB per hour

Coffee  •  Cacao  •  Barley  •  Corn  •  Nuts & Grains
How To Start Roasting Today


Start Roasting for as little as


Roasted Coffee Beans


Produce the Freshest, most flavorful, fire-roasted coffee, that will have folks begging for more.

Equal or Superior Quality to Commercial Manufactured Roasters for a fraction of the cost.


Accessible Artisan Roasting

Converts a standard BBQ grill into roaster  Rotisserie & Brick Oven kits also available

Quality Materials


  • All-welded, food-Grade, Heavy Gauge, Stainless Steel
  • Easy One-Handed Load & Unloading System
  • 2LB, 4LB, 6LB, 8LB, 12LB and Custom options Available
  • Guaranteed world-class Results*
*Results guaranteed when kits are employed*



  • "I would have never got where I am were it not for the vision. They made all my wishes come true"


    -A. Smith

  • "Just wanted to let you know I got my Roaster all setup now on the grill and did my first batch.  It was amazing experience !!  You have another happy customer!"
  • "It’s been a while since I bought my roaster. Great work, have been having good times & roasting plenty of coffee. I have even had it reviewed by the crew at Royal NY, who loved what I sent them."


    -Scott Angelo ~ Oceana Coffee

  • "Bottom line is that the drum is top notch, works great and is well worth the money! Shane is also a great guy to talk to and will treat you right."



  • "Got the new clip, and pop riveted it on. Must have taken me all of 2 minutes! Just completed roasting 20 pounds of various beans, and I LOVE the new clip!!!! Still regret not going with the 6 pound drum.
    Best Wishes"


    -Jay Michels ~ Ohio

  • "I echo everyone else's comments on the extremely professional quality of this drum. I am so glad I finally bought this! Roasting coffee with the RK Drum is like "printing money"! The RK Drum paid for itself fast."


    -Glenn ~ Palomar Mtn, CA

  • "My first roaster could not keep up with the demand of Tom’s Best Coffee. I have since upgraded to the premium RK Drum Roaster, which allows me to produce a better quality product more efficiently. I not only recommend this roaster but I give an A+ to Shane for his customer service."


    -Tom Haigler ~ Lexington, NC

  • "Hard to believe I've been using my RK drum since 2004 and it is still as great as day one. As usual, thanks for an FANTASTIC product!"


    -Walt Lewis ~ Chiammaya Custom Crafted Chocolate

  • "I've only done a couple of roasts, and none more than about 3 pounds, But so far I've been getting good reviews from folks and I certainly like the coffee myself. In short, I'm loving my new roaster.  It has made my life a lot easier.  And so far, without any modifications I'm roasting (albeit with smaller loads) at near "low" on the the three burners."


    -Mike Brisson

  • "Hey Shane-- just did my 50th roast last night.  I am really excited about the outcome.  The 1 and 2 lb roasts go a little fast, since my grill puts out a lot of heat.  But the 5 pounds are going about 15-17 minutes and the flavor is fantastic.  Great product."


    -Rob Whelen ~ Wilmington, NC (Epula LLC)

  • "This is a note to let you know I have been having great success with my drum.  Thanks for the effort you put into its design and construction."



  • "Just did my first two roasts using your profiles. The results are beautiful! Thanks for a great product!!"


    -David R.

  • "We've just received our roaster.... THANX .... very impressive service and product!!!!!!!! will recommend you anytime!! REGARDS"



  • "Picked it up this evening and we just roasted our first batch – WOW!  We are very impressed with the result.  Can’t wait to do more :)"


    -Katherine M.

  • "Nice unit. This is built sturdy and should last forever. You did a wonderful job on the parts no sharp edges and even the drilled holes have no burs. You must have been a machinist or an engineer or just one talented guy. I am not used to seeing quality like this, thanks"


    -Brad & Jeanette

  • "Well, 700+ lbs of coffee roasted in the last year and a half since purchasing my Drum....and still banging out some of the best coffee to be found anywhere. My friends, family, and people who have adopted me as their coffee supplier will attest- good beans, fire steel (the RK ) and man it makes some good coffee, thanks much again."


    -Bo Maiuri ~ Glacier Coffee Roasters.

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