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    Shane Lewis

    Hi Shane,
    Glad to see your business and site is doing well.
    I have purchased 2 of your drums and the initial starter cooler, all of which are working great. I would like to begin to upgrade the cooler to add the vanes. I purchased the cooler in mid-July 2012. In reading the specs document I see that is not a user upgrade. How do I go about getting that back to you for the upgrade?

    Thank you,
    -Steve Kirkbride
    Kirks Koffee

    Shane Lewis

    Good Morning Steve,

    Let me give you a bit of background on the vanes so that things make sense. Initially, we had thought we had a solution pretty close at hand, to allow the user to install vanes him/herself. As a result of this, a number of coolers went out, including yours.

    We later realized that what the cooler needed was a bearing assembly to allow for the easy, frictionless stirring of coffee. And we realized it would not be possible. or practical to have the user install a bearing assembly with common tools, as it would not be able to be securely installed, or at least not enough so that it would withstand the forces on the hand crank and that of the coffee…

    All newer starters have a reinforcing bracket and a bearing assembly installed in the center whether you order the vanes or not.

    The upgrade process involves us welding that bracket and bearing assembly into your cooler, which allows you (or us in this case) to install the vanes into the cooler.

    Thus the upgrade program is essentially this:

    1. You return the starter cooler to the shop with insurance for $200
    2. We install $170 worth of parts, materials, and labor into the cooler (Bearing/bracket/vanes/labor/materials)
    3. I can extend you a 25% discount on the work, as a result of that unforeseen necessity.
    4. I pay to return the cooler to you with insurance.
    5. Turn around time, approx 4 days.

    Let me know if that sounds good.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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