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    Ridge Brannon

    I have a Weber Genesis 3-burner grill and a 24″ length drum would be ideal. I’m interested in the largest drum I could use in my grill. I think I saw in your community forum page that the 12 lb capacity drum is 24″ long, but on the product page I didn’t see dimensions – could you please verify the dimensions of the 12 lb. drum?

    Also, my family is embarking on the adventure of possibly roasting small batches commercially and selling them locally. I am aware of the local rules we have in regards to starting a legal business, but I haven’t been able to find good resources online in regards to the health-related rules associated with having a roasting business. I am sure it depends on where the business is located as different states probably have different rules, but, in general, are roasters held to similar standards to other food-prep businesses? For instance, are commercial kitchens typically required? Any other input you could provide to a novice interested in starting a small business would be much appreciated!

    My family and I look forward to purchasing an RK Drum – as soon as we know it will work with our grill!


    Ridge Brannon

    Hi Nate, thanks so much for the email.

    The dimensions on the 12-pound drum are 10 inches diameter and 24 inches length. You will need to have 6 inches total space between where the rotisserie rod goes through the grill and whatever you have below. As long as you have approximately 25 inches right to left, and 6 inches from where the rod goes to whatever you have below you should be fine. Ideally, you need 45,000 BTU and I’m thinking 50,000 would be better. You can probably do it with less but I think 50,000 is optimal.

    As to the health department, this article here is currently everything that I know on the subject:
    Please don’t hesitate to touch base if I can answer any other question at all. Thanks.

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