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    Shane Lewis

    Can you give me info on the new product offering you mention in the post on the Hobart mod for cacao? Are you selling a kit for this?
    I see you mention other rotisseries as well, and we haven’t purchased one yet. How would you recommend going forward with this if we were to use your services?

    Thanks for your time,
    -Jim Benten

    Shane Lewis

    Hi Jim, thanks for the email! We don’t at the moment have a “kit” or package to make this happen as the Hobart for example, particularly in regards to the sample port, which involved significant customization of the machine itself. In the scenario of that build, we had the machine shipped to us, where we modified it and got everything running then shipped it back out to the customer. In the other case we fabricated a drum for the BK10 rotisserie, and in this case, we were given very specific instructions on what was to be built by the customer.

    If you are interested in doing one of these projects, we should have a more detailed conversation on the phone, and we can see if we can come up with a plan to make you a machine of this type.

    If you wish to forego The sample port and temperature probe, then we could design a drum relatively easily without having to modify the rotisserie machine itself.

    In both cases, the roasters turned out very well

    Give me a call, or shoot me another email and we can continue the conversation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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