Grill Selection 12LB

12LB Drum Requirements:



BTU Range48000(Min) -70000Please reference Main Burner BTU.  Reference Sticker is on most grills, on back of legs, or inside doorback wall.  48,000-70,000 BTU Preferred.
Rotisserie CutoutsYESSee Below (Figure 1, Figure 2, and  Figure 3)
Grill Chamber Width25 inches wide (min)Drum width 24″
Space between rotisserie and burner6 inchesThis is the distance between the middle of the rotisserie cutout hole, and the tallest object below (usually the burners)
Space Front to BackALL GRILLS MEET OR EXCEED REQUIREMENTNot needed to verify
Space Above DrumALL GRILLS MEET OR EXCEED REQUIREMENTNot needed to verify
Used or New?
New Preferred Many people use their meat grill for coffee.  This will work, but coffee purists frown on such things as the meat flavors could taint the coffee.  If you wish to use a used grill, clean it well and run it hot at max temp for 30 mins to burn out the odors.


Make sure that your grill selection contains the rotisserie cutouts.(Figure 1 & 2)These cutouts can either be on the lid or the base of the grill.  Some of the newer low-end grills don’t seem to have this any longer for some reason.  You can still make a grill without them work, but it will require you to cut into the grill to accommodate the rod (Figure 3).  Save yourself some headache if you can and get a grill with this feature.  The Rotisserie Bracket holes, pre-drilled (Figure 1) will save you one extra step, otherwise you will have to drill your own holes. 


(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

(Figure 3)