6LB Coffee Roaster Drum

6LB Coffee Roaster Drum* to use in a BBQ Grill, Wood-Fired Oven or Open Fire to make your own Delicious, Fresh Roasted Coffee. Constructed of Food-Grade Steel, it is made to Last a Lifetime. 6LB Standard Capacity (7.5LBS Overloaded Capacity) *Note that this product includes only the drum, and requires your own assembly for a complete roaster.



(1) – This product includes only the RK Drum. To roast coffee, you will need a heat source and a method of installing and rotating the drum within the heat source. The Everything Kits contain everything you will need except a grill.
(2) – The RK Drum is designed to slide onto a rotisserie rod, which provides rotation for an even roast.
(3) – Electrical switches are for turning on/off the rotation of the RK Drum
(4) – An Accurate Thermometer is very important when roasting coffee. Read more about why you need a separate thermometer
(5) – A heat source is required for the RK Drum. Please visit the Grill Selection Grill to see grill requirements.
(6) – You will need some method to cool your beans. A common and inexpensive method is to simply place a screened container over a fan. You may select the 16″ cooling tray and install over a standard box fan, or choose one of the RK Cooler solutions.
(7) – Sheet Metal Modifications are unnecessary for most roasters, but instructions are available for those that are interested in increasing the efficiency of the heat source of the grill.