Easy Roast Bags Package

An Easy Roast Package Includes 3 Bags, Which Each Contain the Right Amount of Green Coffee to Produce 1 lb, 2 lbs or 4 lbs of Finished Coffee at a Medium Roast.

Roasting Coffee has Never Been Easier! Just Snip Open the Bag and Pour into the RK Drum! Check out our Roast Profiles for more info.

Single Green Coffee Bag × 3

Bean Origin


Total Weight: 3 lbs 9.6 oz


Want to produce consistent results every time? Tired of making green coffee weight to finished coffee weight(1) calculations and getting out the scale every time you want to make coffee? When you roast with the RK Drum, starting with the same amount of coffee every time will give you a repeatable time table and produce 1st and 2nd crack consistently within 10 seconds every time. So, make life easy on yourself, and buy pre-measured bags of green coffee. You’ll be making coffee with your eyes closed by the end of the month.

The time-based method of roasting relies on adjusting the heat until you see, smell and hear the signs of a great roast occurring at the right time. The most important roast signs are 1st and 2nd crack. To experience the very best coffee, you should finish your roast in 12 to 21 minutes, depending on the size of the drum and weight of coffee. To read more about producing great coffee, check out our posts on learning to roast. Now, go roast some coffee!
(1) – During the roasting process, water in the bean reaches the boiling point and evaporates and escapes the bean.  Because of this evaporation, the finished coffee weighs less than the green coffee you started with.
(2) – Roasting lighter will increase the weight of finished coffee, while roasting darker will reduce the weight of finished coffee.