8LB RK Drums Do-It-Yourself Kit (10LB Max)


8LB RK Drum

RK Motor

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Motor Features

  • Commercial/26 RPM
  • Aluminum Base and Motor Mount
  • 110V

Drum Features

  • 8 Lb. Capacity (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Recommended Volume (1/4lb.-8lb.)
  • All Welded Construction
  • 100% -304- Stainless Steel (16 Gauge) , All TIG Welded, No Riveting.
  • Easy Open Door with Security Clip
  • Easy and Fast Loading and Unloading
  • 8 times the capacity of the largest home roasters available
  • Built to last a lifetime with reasonable care
  • No electronics to become defective like other electronic roasters
  • Dimensions 8″x24″

Buying Advice:

Who should buy:

A 8Lb drum kit. Great for the beginner roaster, the home roaster and possibly your new roasting business. This kit is best if you consider yourself “Handy” and a “Do-it-Yourselfer”, have not problems finding things at the hardware store, or have your own creative methods of assembling your roaster. This is the basic kit and will have all the hard to find or hard to make items to complete your roaster.  Choose the “Everything Kit” if you want us to send you all the parts you will need (except the grill) to get the roaster up and running. Note that the everything kit does not include the grill or any sheet metal mods.

Who shouldn’t buy:

This is the standard kit and has all the difficult to make parts.  Everything else can either be found locally at your hardware store, or improvised in other creative ways.  If you don’t feel comfortable picking things out at the hardware store and sourcing your own common parts (rotisseries, electrical, switching) then you should opt for the “Everything Kit” above as it contains everything but the grill.

Other things you will still need.


You will need a grill if you don’t have one already.  For perfect roasts it is recommended that you roast in a grill that has not had meat in it, though it can be done with a thorough cleaning.  Please visit the grill Selection guide here to see the requirements, or simply add one of the pre-selected RK Grills to your order above.  The grills we have selected will work with all RK Drums.  Note that the RK Grill option will be delivered to your home from Home Depot (requires assembly), or will make sure it is already assembled and available at your local store.  We make the arrangements on this for you.


You will need some method to cool your beans.  A common and inexpensive method is to simply place a screened container over a fan.  You may select the 16″ cooling tray above and simply install over a standard fan, or choose one of the RK Model T Cooler solutions above.


You may need to source a rotisserie, electrical wiring and switching.  If you would rather not worry with all this, then it is best to choose the “DIY” Kit or the “Everything Kit” above as we have done all the hard work and will send you everything you need.




  • 8 Lb. Drum (8×24 100% -304- Stainless Steel (16 Gauge) , All TIG Welded, No Riveting.)
  • New Open/Close Latch System & Traditional backup Chain/Pin
  • 26RPM Commercial Motor/110V
  • (1yr warranty on motor)
  • Base Plate
  • Motor Mount
  • All Bolts and Hardware to Mount to your grill. (Muffler Clamps Not Included: Most grills no longer need these).
  • Rod/Motor Coupler

Not Included



Notes to be Aware of:

  • Generally ships in 1 week, however expect up to 2 weeks for delivery as supply levels sometimes vary.
  • Email slewis@rkdrums.com for shipping cost outside the continental USA

Additional information

8LB RK Drum

Weight15.5 lbs
Dimensions25.8 × 11.8 × 11.8 in
Door Location

Standard Opening (Recommended for Grills), Lateral Opening (Recommended for Firepits / Ovens)

Mesh Hole Size

Solid, 1/16", 3/16"

RK Motor

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 3 in
Motor Type

Standard 110V Motor, 220V Motor (mostly international applications)

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