Heavy-Duty Rotisserie Kit (Deluxe)


(If your grill box is wider than 30″, the 50″ rod is necessary)

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  • 40″ + Length Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Rod
  • 5/16″ Square Diameter
  • Mounting Hardware, Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Bearing X2

Buying Advice:

While you may simply buy an off the shelf rotisserie kit, these rotisserie kits are made directly in our shop and cut from heavy duty stainless and carbon steel.  We made these to address several issues with supply problems with off the shelf rotisserie kits (poor materials and poor bearings supplied with the kits) and also reducing some of the labor during assembly.  Due to the grade of materials in this kit, the cost is a bit higher than that of products off of the shelf, but these should provide greater strength and longevity than off the shelf rotisseries.  

Note that this Deluxe Kit differs from the basic kit in that it includes an extra bearing and bracket for the motor side to provide extra support for the drum, and to take the side load off of the motor.  This kit is strongly recommended for the 12LB drum/kit due to the added weight and friction.  It can optionally be used on all other kits as well to add extra support and improve motor life but we don’t recommend adding a second bearing on the motor side for kits other than the 12LB due to having one extra step in replacing the rod after each roast.   Please see the Heavy Duty Basic kit for the 2/4/6/8 LB drums.  

These are sold only in the “Everything Kits”, or individually here.  The free standing assembled images illustrates the ideal configuration for all RK Setups, but note that the kit does not contain a motor.  We recommend the RK Motors to turn this rotisserie.  If using a standard rotisserie motor, sourcing an older one that turns at least 6RPM is required for even roasting and do please note that it only has enough torque to turn the 4LB drum.  Lately it seems that off the shelf rotisserie motors have been limited to 1.5RPM and will not produce even results in your coffee.   For best results, purchase the RK Motor to turn your drum.  Additionally be aware that any rotisserie kit you choose must be 5/16″ square and not any other diameter or configuration (i.e. hexagonal or split-rod).  This is guaranteed to fit your RK Roaster.


  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit, designed for the RK Drum, includes Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Bearing, and handles and brackets and collars.  Strongly Recommended for 12LB drums and optionally 2/4/6/8 LB Drums if extra support is desired (though it’s not necessary for these lighter weight drums)

Notes to be Aware of:

  • Generally ships in 2 days, however expect up to 2 weeks for delivery as supply levels sometimes vary.

(Included in “Everything Combos” or at your Hardware Store)

Buying Advice:

These are sold only in the “Everything Kits”, you will need one of these to complete your setup from some source.  If you are not sure what to buy, consider the everything kit as we do all the work for you.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 4 × 4 in
Rod Length

Standard 40" (for Grill Boxes Less Than 30" Wide), Extra Long 50" (for Grill Boxes Wider than 30")

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