8LB RK Drum (10LB Max) 8x24


The 8 lb RK Drum is made with the highest quality materials and construction and is made to last with a lifetime guarantee.

RK Drum Features

The RK Drum is perfect for roasting coffee, peanuts, cacao and grains. Depending on what you are planning on roasting, you can choose a solid drum, a 1/16″ mesh or the standard 3/16″ mesh. The standard 3/16″ mesh is recommended for coffee, peanuts, cacao and other large beans. A solid drum or 1/16″ mesh is recommended for grains. We recommend the 8 lb RK Drum for roasting 1/4 lb – 8 lbs coffee.

Drum Construction and Materials

The RK Drum is made of 100% food-grade 304 stainless steel (16 gauge). It has all welded construction with all TIG welded joints, and no riveted joints. It has an easy-open latched door, which provides for easy and fast loading and unloading. It is built to last a lifetime with reasonable care.


Shipping Information

This product is generally built and shipped within 1 week, however expect up to 2 weeks for delivery as supply levels sometimes vary. Email slewis@rkdrums.com for shipping costs outside the continential USA.

8 LB RK Drum Features

** Not Included with the RK Drum(1) **

After you purchase your RK Drum, RK DIY Kit or RK Everything Kit, you will need a grill to provide the heat for roasting. Because grill manufacturers update their models every year, it is impossible to confidently recommend a brand that will work with the RK Drum.

Instead, we provide you with the grill requirements for you to confirm. There are requirements for the inner dimensions, in order to accomodate fitting the RK Drum inside, as well as BTU requirements, in order to ensure the grill can produce enough heat to roast your coffee. You will also want a grill that has rotisserie cutouts. The cutouts are necessary for the rod that supports the RK Drum as it rotates. For the specific requirements for the size RK Drum you are purchasing, read our Grill Selection Guide
Once you’ve purchased your grill and received your RK Drum, RK DIY Kit or RK Everything Kit, you will need to assemble your roasting setup. Don’t worry; it’s not as difficult as it seems, and we provide detailed instructions and always are available via phone to assist.
You can find all the Assembly Instructions here. Topics covered are:

When it comes to roasting coffee, RK Drums boasts the most extensive instructions anywhere, as well as phone access to friendly and expert help. RK Drums helps all customers with setup and roasting instruction, assistance debugging problems with the roast, and business advice and considerations for the aspiring business roaster.
Whether you learn better by video, how-to guides, or a combination of the two, we’ve got you covered.
Watch Shane as he teaches how to roast, talks about what to expect at every stage of the roast, and demonstrates techniques for loading and unloading the RK Drum. Topics covered are:


(1) – This product includes only the RK Drum. To roast coffee, you will need a heat source and a method of installing and rotating the drum within the heat source. The Everything Kits contain everything you will need except a grill.
(2) – The RK Drum is designed to slide onto a rotisserie rod, which provides rotation for an even roast.
(3) – Electrical switches are for turning on/off the rotation of the RK Drum
(4) – An Accurate Thermometer is very important when roasting coffee. Read more about why you need a separate thermometer
(5) – A heat source is required for the RK Drum. Please visit the Grill Selection Grill to see grill requirements.
(6) – You will need some method to cool your beans. A common and inexpensive method is to simply place a screened container over a fan. You may select the 16″ cooling tray and install over a standard box fan, or choose one of the RK Cooler solutions.
(7) – Sheet Metal Modifications are unnecessary for most roasters, but instructions are available for those that are interested in increasing the efficiency of the heat source of the grill.