This is a email I received from Adam Jahiel:

 I’d like to thank Ron for producing his roasting drum.
After quite some time of struggling with my Alpenrost, or Alpenusuallyrost, or Alpensometimesrost and sometimes not rost, I can tell you that Ron’s RK DRUM drum is a GODSEND.  At our house, we go through so much coffee that the Fussyrost usually sits on the counter in the kitchen, taking up space for days, because we have to roast so often. With the RK Drum, on the first try, I loaded it up with a couple pounds of Malabar Gold, popped it in my Weber Genisis Gold Grill after a preheat, sat in front of it keeping an eye on the thermometer, and shortly, crack,smoke, crack (I’m referring to the coffee roasting process here, nothing illegal), and suddenly, I had a bunch of perfectly roasted coffee. No muss, No fuss, No Alp. And this was just my first attempt!
Thanks, Ron, you now join the ranks of my other hero Les, maker of the THOR TAMPER. In this increasingly mechanised and mass-produced world, I am delighted to have your lovingly, hand-made products in my home, improving my life.
As for the ALP, maybe target practise?