Subject:   The first roast I detailed with notes & times Name:   Eric Evans Date Posted:   Oct 7, 03 – 

Message:   I just did my first roast in which I kept detailed notes and times. Just wanted to share with the rest of the group.  

 I’m using 1 pound of “Brazil Cup of Excellence Boa Vista” from SM. 

 My setup…The grill is an old Coleman Powerhouse 40 (40,000 BTU). I drilled a 15/16″ hole in the dome and attached a very accurate thermometer from “New Braunfels Smoker Company.” It has a large 3″ dial and I can tell the temperature to the exact degree. Here’s further details at their website: I found it at Home Depot for $20 (not cheap but well worth it.) The probe points at an angle directly at the dead center of the drum. I replaced the lower briquette grill with a 10 X 13″ stainless steel cookie sheet and placed ceramic grids on top of it. I’m using a standard Charbroil Universal Rotisserie kit (6 RPM) but  Today’s weather was nice for roasting; 59 degrees and a light wind. My starting temperature was 480. After inserting the drum my temperature dropped to 400 and recovered to 480 after about 5:30 minutes.

First crack was at 11:28 at 490 degrees. I cut the gas