George Steinert – Sacramento CA

 Hello, Ron:

Just to let you know that I finally got my cooling stand put together, burned in the drum and did my first roast this evening on the patio. I was concerned about being able to hear the cracks (coming from using an iRoast2 that was an issue for me). I had my wife standing by to make sure I didn’t miss the sounds. I needn’t have worried. The sounds of First Crack were loud enough to be heard on the other side of the back yard. I backed the temp off a bit and let her coast. The first time trying to control the temperature

is kind of like trying to back up an 18-wheeler but we managed just fine. I was going to pull at the first sign of 2nd crack and I overshot a few seconds but oh, well. The cooling stand worked great and for the maiden voyage of my RK Drum, I am very pleased. The rest will come with experience.  

 Thank you, Ron. We’re off and running. Now if I could only find someplace I could lay my hands on some more of that Brazil Fazenda Ipanema “Dulce” that Tom and Maria had!! A number of my friends just rave about that one and I have only a small amount left. I’ll know better next time to lay in a good supply when I find a great bean like that one. Of course, SM has many great beans.

George Steinert
Sacramento, CA