Glenn Secola- Palomar Mtn, CA

I echo everyone else’s comments on the extremely professional quality of this drum.  Ok, we all agree on that of course, one look and even a fairly non tech/mechanical person such as myself can see that level of quality you ensure. I usually experience some form of “buyer’s remorse” on large purchases, I don’t know why, but that’s me.  Not so on the RK Drum though! I am so glad I finally bought this!  I thought my SC/TO would be the one and only, (as I roasted my 12oz smugly, thinking of those “other” 3 or 4 oz roasters)  Roasting coffee with the RK Drum is like “printing money”! The RK Drum paid for itself fast. 

Your customer service, attitude and willingness to answer questions, make suggestions about everything from roasting to buying beans to bags etc. You return civility and customer service to a professional level seldom seen anymore.  You even took time out on your Alaska trip to “talk me down” during a difficult roast. I was using a different motor than the one you offer

and you made several suggestions that helped me overcome a problem.  I am sure I will one day get your motor after I tire of  I have now been using the RK Drum for 6 months or so and still getting an even roast with my average of 5 -6 # is now routine for me. Roasting the sometimes fussy Dry Process greens is now a pleasure, the RK Drum tosses the beans customizing ice packs etc to keep my motor cool for 5 or 6 roasts.  perfectly, enabling me to get very even roasts.   I read with longing your description of your new cooler. The fact that you now offer the new latch system is wonderful!  I must say, the RK Drum is just about perfect! The previous latch was doable, but I wont miss it. I found a different latch pin at H. D. that actually seems to be a bit easier to work than the cotter pin., but I am ordering the new latch!