Justin Collins – CA


I know you may not remember me, you are a busy guy! I bought a 10lb drum from you about 3 years ago. Just wanted you to know it is still crushing it. I sold my coffee roasting company about a year ago when I moved from Cali to NY, and the gentleman who bought it from me BLEW it up. He is now in almost every grocery store, restaurant and boutique in the city. He is a full time roaster, and he is still using the same drum and cooler you sold me! He has pushed THOUSANDS of lbs through it and it is still as beastly and awesome as the first day I got it in the mail… all be it perfectly seasoned now:) He renamed it Scout coffee, it is located in Redding, CA. He has a website and everything.

Almost wish I hadn’t sold him the drum… feels like I gave up a piece of my heart, lol! He’s had to replace parts on the grill, but your drum, motor, and cooler system are all still running flawlessly! I think there is something to the fact that the coffee is “exposed” to an open flame. My buddy and I got so many people saying they had never tasted coffee so good, even when we switched to a different bean supplier. That open flame must do something that a closed system cannot… just a hypothesis;)

I can’t say thank you enough! Not only did you help a dream of mine come true, but my friend also. An entire city is drinking the best coffee they ever had because of your products. You made stepping into commercial coffee roasting a reality for a couple of guys who would otherwise, have never been able to afford it!
You rock! In the near future I’ll be ordering another kit to start-up another roasting company here in NY… your quality is legendary.

Thanks a ton!

Justin Collins