I bought the 8 lb. drum from Shane about a year ago and since then I have easily put over 500 lbs through the beast! The drum is flawless! I had my learning curve of course, but after a handful of not perfect (yet very tasty) batches, I caught on. Now I never miss a beat. My roasts are flawlessly even across the whole drum. Shane probably wouldn’t approve of this, but I cram 12 lb. into the 8 lb. drum, and 26 minutes later I have a perfectly even 10 lb. batch of Full City+. I also have a grill that could take the place of my furnace in a pinch;) When I do fairs/bazaars I punch 100 lbs through this beast without even a hiccup. AMAZING!!!!! I really can’t say enough good about these drums. They are built like tanks and infused with a little piece of Shane’s heart. Skip the cheap thin gauge junk on ebay. Once you buy one of Shane’s drums you will never want anything else. It’s worth the coin, plus it will outlive Armageddon;) 

I also purchased the new “RK Model T” cooler and I love it! It looks good, runs like a champ, and, like the drums, is one solid piece of machinery!

What is really amazing is not just the drum… it’s Shane! He made the process of transitioning into small batch commercial roasting easier for me. Not only does he stand unwaveringly behind his products, but he loves to help the novice overcome the learning curve. Thank you Shane… You Rock!

One RK Convert,