Paul Sommer – Sommers Coffee

Shane, got the roaster up and running this past weekend, did a burn in and two batches on Sunday (1 pound and 2 pound) and then had to hurry off to other things.  Last night i put the the roaster to work and roasted 15 pounds in about 2.5 hours!  however i had to take about  20 minutes to make some adjustments to the rotisserie rod, it must have been off center because 

it was clicking pretty loudly.  the largest batch i did was 3 pounds, wow i am loving this thing already, and once i bump it up to 4 pounds things will move much quicker.  give me a few weeks of using this and i will write a complete review you can share with others, i went to bed last night feeling great that i had roasted a weeks worth of orders in a little over 2 hours, and the coffee was packaged, labeled and ready to go to the store, and i don’t have to think about it until next week.  Thanks for a great product and excellent support.