Walt Lewis – Chiammaya Custom Crafted Chocolate

Hard to believe I’ve been using my RK drum since 2004 and it is still as great as day one. In looking for information for a friend and having been away from the site for several years I was amazed to see the progress made. I saw the new drum latch and had to have it. It arrived last week but only got around to installing it today. I had to roast some almonds for some Custom Crafted chocolate I make. 


Thirty seconds is all it took
and away I went.  It takes about 30 minutes on low to roast 4 pounds of almonds. I did my first batch and began checking at 15 minutes. In 5 minute increments I went along. The last time I checked and it still needed a bit longer I
went to seal back up the drum and was SHOCKED!! Had I broken the latch ALREADY? No I discovered it pivots and was just fine. Sure will make it
easier to open and close with my welding gloves on!

As usual, thanks for an FANTASTIC product!