Custom Build: The Hobart HR7 Rotisserie for Cacao and maybe coffee?

A few months ago we had the great pleasure to build a custom Cacao roaster for Carol Morse of Acalli Chocolate out of a Hobart HR7 roaster.  This was a great build that included a laterally opening door for the drum since it would be mounted in the oven to the point that removal would be difficult.

Some interesting points were that she requested a temperature probe and a sample port to sample the beans.  The sample port could be accessed externally without disturbing the roast, and the temperature could read directly from the bean mass.


This was a truly fun build, and something that we are pleased to add to the product lineup.  If you’re interested in a custom build, let us know how we can help.  We also can work with a number of different rotisserie machines.  The project turned out great and Carol reports the amchine roasts very well.  Thanks Carol!

I’ve been wondering about the suitability for coffee, any thoughts?