Roaster Highlight – Don Gilmer


I purchased one of RK Drums 2 pound “everything” kits and installed it in a 4 burner BBQ purchased for that purpose. Set up was a piece of cake. I had about 6 months experience using a modified air popper which had given me pretty good results, but inconsistent. It took about 7 pounds, roasted in 1/2 pound batches to get switched over to the new method. Shane provided excellent, easily followed instructions as well as great feedback during my break in period. I am now getting very consistent, predictable roasts, generally running up until the end of first crack. The drum roasts very evenly. I have had no tipping, scorching, or burning. The BBQ combined with Shane’s thermometer, allows me to easily control the temps within a 4 to 5 degree range.

I am looking forward to learning more and being able to dial in roast times/temps for specific bean origins. For now I am very pleased with my results and highly recommend RK Drums for anyone wanting to roast larger batches than is possible with a popper. The roasting process is fun and without the annoying whine of the popper motor I can easily hear the cracks.
Thanks Shane for such a great product and support.

Don G.